Meet The Artist

Meet the Artist
Carmen LoBaido began her love of painting and drawing as a child in Brooklyn. From the time she was 8 years old, her father encouraged this love and talent and would buy her paints. Carmen is considered to be a self-taught artist.

In order to “play it safe”, Carmen choose to earn her Bachelor of Science degree, to become a Physician’s Assitant. However, her need to be creative never left her, after the birth of her second child, she began studying at the Baum School of Art with artists Ro Geseck, Dana Van Horn and Lee Everett. She also took private lessons with Lillian Loux, a local Allentown artist. Her love of creating then expanded to mosaics, jewelry design and fabrication and mixed media assemblages.

Carmen joined the artists at the Artisan Touch Co-op, selling her work there and through local art shows. When Carmen turned 40, she went back to college earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art. Unfortunately, at the start of school, her first marriage of 20 years ended. Carmen remarried, but alas, that ended in divorce as well. Her love of art and creating has sustained her through the difficult periods of her life, along with the dream of owning her own shop where she could sell her work and the work of other artists.

After years working at jobs she found did not fulfill her creative spirit, Carmen opened Artsy Diva Boutique; featuring her own work and the work of other local artists, many of whom she knew at the Artisan Touch Co-op. Please stop by the shop and enjoy!