What a great store - opposite the Bethlehem Hotel and it sells fabulous goodies, and it now sells GabbyBags jewelry pouches and back packs....you will definitely find the perfect Holiday gift here.....and you will be supporting local artisans too...I highly recommend a visit....

Gabby Spano

This is a great store in a great location and has beautiful fun things to buy. A must visit...

Deb Bagarozzo

It's a cool place to shop for gifts for your friends, family or love one! Happy Shopping!

Brenda Achkar

Awesome shop! Love the great gift ideas and creative must-have items!

Caleigh Emma

Had a nice visit to Artsy Diva Boutique today. If your looking for a nice personal gift, something that is unique or one of a kind, it is definetly the place to go.

Rebecca S Oberembt